Keeping Your Identity Safe

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Reputation management has grown increasingly complex. It used to be that an reputation company had only to do a minimum amount of work to keep the perception of a company clean and narrow.

In the old days, online reputation companies looked for advantages for the company, and made sure that there was just a small gap between perception and what was really happening. This was not such a difficult job so few years ago.

Now there is Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and a whole host of citizen journalists, which come in the form of bloggers. These bloggers and online media groups have the power with simply a computer and an internet connection to destroy the reputation of a company with just a few clicks of a mouse. The biggest issues is that information can be published without being proven or being true. This is why it is important to work with a great online reputation management company.

While the Internet is an incredible tool and advancement for this world, it is also a dangerous one. While the Internet can build a reputation of a company, give a company advertising, and even rebuild a company, it can also be used to destroy a company.

This is good if a company is fraudulent or neglectful, but it is not so good if you have an employee or customer who just has a beef with you. This is where Reputationobserver comes into play.

10.000.000 Victims of identity theft a year protects companies and individuals from identity theft. There are over Ten million victims of identity theft every year. Statistics show that one in five Americans has already been a victim of identity theft.

If this happens to you or to your company you could be easily destroyed, again with just a click of a mouse. You could lose your home, you could lose your assets, you could lose everything you ever worked for within a few minutes. Yet if you have the services of, you can have your identity monitored and protected, even fixed if ruined.

Some tips to keep your identity safe:

1. Never give your social security number out to anyone that you do not trust. Many websites will ask for this information. If you value your security, you will not type in your social security number. At the very least make sure that the company has a verified security certificate such as VeriSign. However, be aware that hackers know how to get past this information and can still get a hold of your information.
2. Make sure that your passwords are secure. It is recommended that you regularly change your passwords and that you do not use the same password for every account. Write your passwords down, but do not store them on your computer.
3. When banking, online or in public, make sure that you cover your personal pin codes with your hand and keep track of your banking slips and your signatures.
4. Do not leave important banking information in the car or in your purse. Keep your personal information locked up in a secure or fireproof safe.

5. When shopping online make sure to only use legit vendors.

6. Do not share critical data with third-parties over the phone

7. Keep your Social Security Card safe at home

8. Check your credit report with

9. Utilize a reputation management company such as Reptuationobserver to monitor your name online.

10. Don’t leave any pins or codes and keys in your wallet. Memorize!



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